Slab Construction

The P.C.C cover slab is one of the last items to be placed on the shaft and with our in house facility we are able to offer continuity throughout the programme by reducing long lead times.

A.T.L has been involved in technically demanding designs with cover slabs having up to 9 no. openings. This has meant the slab being cast in up to 14 different pieces.

A.T.L. cast the cover slabs in house. The example opposite is an 8m Diameter cover slab that was cast in nine pieces & placed successfully by our site team on completion of the shaft.

We offer an in house service of design and casting of all our own coverslabs which have proven successful for Balfour Beatty and North Midland Construction, reducing long lead times from outside suppliers.

By providing this service we are able to offer good savings and a far quicker turnaround.

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