The capability to microtunnel small bore pipes to an accurate line and level throughout, thus saving the disruption of closing roads, crossings etc. is a major advantage to our clients.

Originally microtunnelling was defined by tunnelling techniques and activities used in the formation of underground pipelines of 900 mm or less in diameter. Now microtunnelling is generally understood to be any remote controlled excavation method that installs the pipe behind the shield by jacking.

The machines have cutting heads at the front of a train of pipes being advanced into the earth. To counterbalance the external pressures they can have either slurry or earth pressure balance chambers.

In a slurry machine the soil is brought to the surface by the return slurry line where it is separated out and the cleaned bentonite slurry returned into the system.

Active Tunnelling are capable of tunnelling from 150 internal diameter up to 2400 internal diameter by using small bore tunnelling techniques through every type of ground condition.

Every Project is unique, therefore each and every tunnelling machine is bespoke to the client and project needs.

Active Tunnelling uses Revolutionary Trenchless Technology to ensure accurate, efficient and cost effective services, Call now for advice on your next project.

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