Anlaby & East Ella Flood Alleviation

About This Project

Active Tunnelling were awarded phase 3  – Anlaby and East Ella Flood Alleviation Scheme

The aim of the project was to prevent over land flooding in the Anlaby and East Ella area. ATL constructed 1350m of 1800mm diameter tunnel with associated shafts and cover slabs, including internal backdrop pipework and steel access ladders and platforms under a design and build contract.1350m of tunnelling comprised of one drive of over 600m and two shorter drives, one of which crossed under B1231 Tranby Lane. x1 6m dia segmental drive shaft x2 sheeted pits x1 4m dia segmental intermediate shaft.

Challenges and Solutions…

The Anlaby and East Ella Flood Alleviation Scheme Phase 3 works comprised of flood water collection structures in 2 locations that deliver flood waters into a 1.8m dia culvert to carry them through the high points of the catchment area before discharging them into an open watercourse that carries the flood water to Beverley Road and into the works created as phase 2 of the project. The flood water collection structure on the Easenby Drain, a flood water transfer unit in Kerry Pit and a series of open watercourses collect overland flood flows.  A flood water collection agreement at Tranby Lane collects further waters and directs these into the culvert. The accumulated waters in the culvert discharge into an energy dissipation structure at the start of the watercourse and the outfall watercourse includes energy dissipation measures too.





Central London




18 Months

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Pipe Jacking, Shaft Sinking